Saturday, October 18, 2008

Windows XP SP3 TCP/IP Patcher

This patch is designed only for all versions of WIndows XP SP3. By increasing the number of TCP/IP connections allowed at one time, your internet speeds up, especially when you are downloading stuff or playing online games.

I recommend you to set the limitation to 500 to 600. Before applying the patcher, remember to unplug internet connections and restart computer to make sure the TCP/IP file is not in use.

Download this patcher at Here.


Anonymous said...

how do i change the limits of the TCP/IP .

Anonymous said...

Link to patcher leads to porn site.

Anonymous said...

u all can download the pacther at this Link

Anonymous said...

500 is too much? 8 is waaaaay too few. Bit-Torrent hits this all the time, littering the event logs with warnings. Yes, I can limit the number of connections BT tries to make at once, but why throttle a legitimate application?

Microsoft should have made this a choice, a security policy, not force their opinion on all Windows users. This was set to slow the propogation of worms… if BT can connect to hundreds of users in just seconds with an 8 half-open connection limit, how much do you think this ‘fix’ slows down a worm? In the development world, this is what we call a HACK (in capitals, it’s a hard-coded comment type in Visual Studio).

How ’bout, as a solution, Microsoft patches security holes as quickly as they patched DRM when it was cracked? Or install anti-virus? Or set it as a security policy… I’m okay with MS setting limits as default, providing knowledgeable users can override these as needed.

You’re correct, though, to make the distinction between TCP connections and HALF-OPEN connections… for those who don’t understand the difference, a half-open connection is when your computer has requested a connection to a remote computer, but has not received an acknowledgment back. If the remote computer is overloaded, it can take some time for it to acknowledge the request, during which time your local connection sits there, half open. Eventually it will time out.

This is completely unrelated in any way to the propagation of a worm, except that a worm will make many connection requests. But if all remote computers respond quickly, the 8 half-open connection limit never comes into play.

Hack, Hack, Hack.

It’s like trying to stop speeders by installing a shift-prevention mechanism to keep you from shifting gears more than every 10 seconds. It’ll slow people down on their way to their breakneck speed, but it won’t prevent them from speeding. And all the obedient drivers are inconvenienced for little gain.