Saturday, June 21, 2008

Secure Your Data with Hidden Desktop

Do you know that everything you do on your computer leaves a trace: internet browsing, emails, recent files, chats, and on and on.

Remembering all the places to erase those tracks is not the answer.
Software can delete a few of those tracks, but not everything!

Hidden Desktop allows you to work in safety, it provides you a secret hidden desktop, so everything you do is kept private and your business. Your files and folders are locked away from all searches. Just press your hotkey and no one will ever know your secret desktop exist. Never worry about something being discovered again!

It hides (nearly) all of your private things (secrets), such as :
  • Internet (history, temporary files, cookies and favorites)
  • Files and Documents (MS Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Emails
  • Chats and history
  • Pictures and Videos
  • and lots of things that you want to keep privately

More Features:

  • No need to manage cookies or browsing history
  • Keep your existing Desktop for non-private work
  • Secure and Hide all your files, videos, and pictures
  • All activity is hidden with no traces
  • Panic hotkey to quickly log off and revert back to public desktop
  • Works with nearly all browsers, chat, and email programs
  • Save and Store unlimited files and folders
  • Even hides itself if you walk away from your computer!

Download this nice tool at Here.

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