Friday, March 28, 2008

Great Solution for Online Store

Let say this. You have a store and wanna get it online. You want to sell your goods and service your customer by web. First, you must order a domain name for it and a web server for hosting your web database, images and other files. Beside that, you will need a shopping tools software or ecommerce software that not only able to display your goods or services you sell, but it must have capability for managing and servicing your customer 7x24 hours a week. Shopping tools software like that is named shopping cart software.

There are many ecommerce software were produced by software developers. Some of them are good, some are bad. You have to choose the shopping cart software that going to be suitable for your online store. It must easy to used, not expensive, full of support and fit your needs.

I know one of this kind of ecommerce software that met criteria of the best shopping cart softwares we need. Its Ashop Commerce! Its a leading US provider of hosted shopping cart software that giving a great solutions for who wanna sell online.

Ashop Commerce is easy to used, you don't have to be a webmaster or web programmer to install,run or take full control of it. You can setup it fastly for your online store.

One of the important thing, this software is full secured, with 128 bit SSL security technology, so your customers more likely to trust your online store.

Actually there are more features I don't mention here of this ecommerce software. Learn better, you can visit AShop Commerce's site for review all the features and check out the right pricing plan of smart packages your online store's needs and sign up that. Even more, you can take a test drive the demo of your online store there.

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