Friday, January 25, 2008

Video Recording UnOfficially Arrives on iPhone

When Apple rolled-out their wonder phone, I was wondering why it couldn’t record videos. Nearly all smartphones with camera are capable of recording videos. Apple touted iPhone as a complete multimedia device, but the lack of video recording ability always kept bothering its users.

Thanks to the third party app developed drunknbass, which makes it possible to record videos on your iPhone. Currently, the application is in its crudest form and requires some polishing to reach the final version. It lets you record videos upto 5 seconds long at 15fps. The video will replay as soon as the recording is stopped, however, you can’t save the video to iPhone’s memory.

The final version should be able to record unlimited lengths (until it fits in iPhone’s memory) of video at 30fps. You can download the application by registering at the developer’s website here.

I’m still wondering why Apple is being so lethargic to build a video recording application. I hope they do it themselves and release it to the masses as a new firmware.

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