Friday, January 4, 2008

Turn Your XP to Vista Look

Hate Vista's requirements but love its appearance? Give your Windows XP the look and feel of vista with these great tools with a new Firefox vista black theme, Windows Visual styles, tools, and wallpapers.

These have been selected from a large variety of vista transformation files available for their closeness to vista, system compatibility and quality.

Whats included:

FireFox 2 Vista Black Theme, a great looking theme for your Firefox 2.
To install:
  • Open the Firefox Theme Manager (Tools/Addons/Themes)
  • Drag the .jar file into the left hand panel.
  • Install the theme, select it and restart Firefox.
Vista MS Styles, 2 new Vista themes for XP.

(The 32pix icon Vista Basic theme is perhaps the best with resizable minimize/maximize/close buttons. To get the best Vista look select the 'Sugoe UI' font and resize the 'Active Window Border' to size 7. Make sure your 'Icons' are size 32.)

LSPatch - Removes the Logoff/Shutdown text from the Start Menu.
Visual Task Tips v2.1 - generates preview windows on the taskbar.
Vista Drive Indicator - gives your drives a status bar in explorer like Vista.

Vista System Properties
Replaces the XP System Properties with a Vista style one.
To install:
  • Create a backup of your 'sysdm.cpl' file. (Windows/System32)
  • Reboot in 'Safe mode' and replace the 'sysdm.cpl' file with the one that matches your cpu. (either 'AMD' or 'Intel')
  • Restart your computer in normal mode.
Some new Vista Wallpapers to enhance your new Vista XP OS.

I hope you enjoy these. All files included in this pack are freeware!

You can get this pack by downloading this 12 MB file at here. (If ask password, type: raed55)

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