Saturday, October 13, 2007

You mouse is broken? Use your cellular phone as mouse!

Using ControlFreak we can use our mobile as mouse for PC. This freeware application is a plugin for winamp. So to use this application winamp must be installed in PC. Then install it and press ctrl+F7 and type the port COM7 in the dialog box. It will create one 'sis' file. Install it in mobile and open it. Now u can use your mobile as mouse. Using this you can operate winamp as well as you desktop.

Download ControlFreak at here or here.

  • A Series 60 1st or 2nd edition based smart phone (3rd edition not supported)
  • A computer with Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • Bluetooth adapter which supports the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile
  • Winamp 2 or 5


Run the installer and select your Winamp plugins directory and a location to copy the phone application.
When the installer is complete it will launch Winamp and the plugin will try to configure itself automatically. If you are using Microsoft Bluetooth drivers or the Widcomm stack, no manual changes should be needed. If you are using some other driver or are having trouble with the automatic settings, see the Bluetooth setup section below.
Send the ControlFreak.sis file to your phone using the "Send To" right click menu option in Explorer, or use the software provided by your Bluetooth adapter. You can install the application to either phone memory or MMC.
After installation on the phone a new item will appear in the application menu titled "CtrlFreak".

Bluetooth Setup
If you are using Windows XP with SP2 or higher and have a supported Bluetooth
device, setup is quite easy.
Open "Bluetooth Devices" in the Control Panel.
Pair your phone and computer using the "Add Bluetooth Device Wizard".
Open the ControlFreak plugin configuration dialog found in Winamp's preferences
Plug-ins -> General Purpose -> ControlFreak Plug-In (or use shortcut key Ctrl-F in Winamp's main window)
Select "Microsoft" as the Bluetooth driver.
Click "Start server".

Note: If for some reason you have trouble connecting using the Microsoft
Bluetooth driver, you could also try the instructions below.

If you are using a Bluetooth device that requires installed drivers, you should select "Installed other" as the Bluetooth driver. You then need to set the Bluetooth virtual serial port (also called a COM port) which the plugin will use to communicate to the phone application. This is usually pretty easy but it varies depending on your Bluetooth software. An important thing to remember is that your computer uses separate COM ports for incoming and outgoing connections. You need to check your Bluetooth software and be sure to use the incoming COM port.

Here are some step-by-step examples for finding the right COM Port and adjusting the security settings if necessary (your device might have different software but probably has similar settings).

Windows XP SP2 compatible device:
Open "Bluetooth Devices" in the Control Panel.
Pair your phone and computer using the "Add Bluetooth Device Wizard".
Select "COM Ports" tab
Note the Incoming port number for your phone. If no incoming port is listed you need to add it using the "Add..." button.

Widcomm Bluetooth (eg. IBM T40 laptop):
Open "My Bluetooth Places".
Right click "My Device" and select "Properties".
Under "Local Services", set existing Bluetooth Serial Port service to unsecure connection, or click Add Serial Service if it doesn't exist (check Startup Automatically, uncheck Secure Connection). Note the COM port number.

3Com USB Bluetooth adapter:
Open "Bluetooth Connection Manager".
Choose the "Tools\COM Ports" menu item.
Note the 3Com Bluetooth Serial Host port number. (not the 3Com Bluetooth Serial Client)
Tip: You can disable being prompted to allow connections by going to Tools\Security Mode, selecting "Custom" and then setting "Security Level" to "None".

Now that you know the incoming COM port, open the configuration window of the ControlFreak Winamp plug-in:
  • Enter the COM port into the combo box (if your incoming Bluetooth Serial port is COM8, you can type "8" or "COM8" into the COM Port field).
  • Click "Start server".

Tip: You can click "Search" to find all existing COM ports if you are not sure what are available. With certain configurations this could take a couple minutes and cause prompting to create Bluetooth connections. Just cancel any connection requests.

Plugin Configuration
Press Ctrl-F in Winamp to open the ControlFreak configuration window.
You can configure the following settings:

Startup with Winamp: If checked, the server will be started whenever Winamp starts. Recommended once successful connection has been made.

Spectrum Analyser
Latency (ms): The latency between sending data and it arriving on the phone.
This determines synchronisation of the spectrum data. You can set this to
"Auto detect" and let ControlFreak automatically adjust the latency.
Buffer spectrum data: Whether spectrum data should be collected in a buffer
before sending it to the phone. Unless you experience frame loss due to
variable latency of your Bluetooth adapter or high CPU load (like when
watching movies), you should leave this enabled.

Opens the customised keymap file for editing. Here you can set what keyboard
shortcuts are mapped to the phone keys for specific applications.

Visit to developer site for more info and to make sure you get the most out of ControlFreak.

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