Thursday, October 4, 2007

Solution for XP that can't start

XP Start up problems

If you can't get system to boot, here the solution:
Boot your PC with Windows XP installer CD ( you have to set your BIOS setup in order your CD device will be running first on Boot priority).

Let the XP Setup progress running until you see the Setup option screen.

Recovery Console: the recovery console is actually the first option you can choose in the setup. It will look something like this:

Enter = Continue R = Repair F3 = Quit

Make sure you press R at the first selection screen and then press '1' to choose to work with the Windows XP installation. When asked for the password for Administrator, enter it in otherwise just press the enter key.

From there it will give you a screen that just says 'C:\_'. Make sure you type the following just as it is shown: CHKDSK /p. This will attempt to repair any serious errors found on the partition tables. (There are also other options as far as ways to repair the XP installation but i'll let someone else show that trick.)

Afterwards reboot and if you still have problems booting up into windows XP it's time to talk recovery options. (retrieving and backing up for a clean reinstall.)

OK, good luck !

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