Monday, October 22, 2007

Make Up Over Your Windows Look Like Ubuntu

If you are using a dual boot system with Ubuntu and Windows, you can clearly notice the limitations Linux has. And for many (myself included), Linux is extremely difficult. After awhile I came to the conclusion that I didn’t need ubuntu at all, but I still loved to look and feeling, after searching for ways to make my windows computer have that gnome feeling this is what I found:

Start with the visual style, if you haven’t already install Uxtheme Multipatcher, this will remove the limitations on your system, in order to install new themes. Then download the Human Visual Style Ubuntu Linux.

Go to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and safe your download theme in there.

Now right click on your Desktop and click on Properties. Go to Appearance and select Human as the theme.

Now change the icons, first install Icontweaker,after that install Ubuntu Icontweaker theme.

Next, change the wallpaper on your desktop, get the Ubuntu wallpaper Here or Here.

To replace the icons for Windows Explorer, first install Styler toolbar(free), get the Ubuntu Human Theme for Styler.

Now get the famous Ubuntu Cursor

Now, what everybody wants. The alternative to Beryl on Linux. Get it Here, and get that “3D CUBE” effect.

To change the boot screen download BootSkin (it’s free): Get it Here.
And download the Ubuntu Bootskin:

To get Ubuntu Logon screen go here.

For Mozilla Firefox Web Browser, you can install the Ubuntu Theme, for Thunderbird or Dapper Retouched for Opera.

Source: The Indie Tribune


Anonymous said...

This a great article with a very uneducated starting. I admire the work and also the fact that you post this, however I'm not impressed with the fact that Linux is limited, there is so much to learn from this world of Community, forums and freedom. having the Ubuntu look-n-feel is just the start.

Anonymous said...

Why not just install Ubuntu on your PC and then if you really *need* Windows, simply install it as a virtual machine?

Anonymous said...


I love Ububntu, but your reasoning is a bit wrong. Why not just install XP and if you really *NEED* Ubuntu, simply install it as a virtual machine?

Both have their advantages, but really, your reasoning can be both ways.

To the Author: Windows in incredibly more limited than Ubuntu. It is quite wrong for you to say it is limited just because you don't know how to use it. Great article though.

13thSlayer said...

My... Ubuntu? Limited? Thanks for such a hilarious joke. Because you were definetly kidding!

atanok said...

Yes, it's extremely difficult for you to use.
Microsoft did everything in its power to ensure you and mostly everyone else were taught how to use their products, so that any potential competitor is automatically "difficult" by simply being different.

I don't see how a truly new user could find Ubuntu any harder that Windows.
If anything, it's easier by at least an order of magnitude.

SteveM10 said...


You are so right. Most of my coworkers are deeply troubled when presented with a laptop for work that isn't exactly like the one they have at home.

clockworkpc said...

Thanks for this interesting, if ill-educated post. I expect you have rubbed up a lot people the wrong way; you were probably trying to express something else. For instance, Windows-only PC games will undoubtedly work better in Windows -- no one denies that -- and if you have an irreplaceable investment in Windows like that, then it makes sense to call Ubuntu limited.

However, I find it ironic that the know-how required to make Windows look like Ubuntu exceeds that which is needed to familiarise yourself with the Ubuntu operating system.

It's as if you say, "I can't play expertly on the guitar without practising every day, so instead I'll devote the same amount of time to mastering Guitar Hero."

I hope that since posting this you have given some thought to returning to Ubuntu. You are obviously quite a capable computer user and I expect you would find Linux a richly rewarding OS before long.

All the best.

Unknown said...

I have been in this game for over twenty years now. I have seen first hand the collusion between big money players like Intel and MS (anyone remember Win98 and how much faster it ran on AMD systems over Intel systems, before the final release. Then when the first release hit, all of a sudden AMD processors could not run Win98 and it took MS over two weeks to come out with an "AMD Patch"). Tell me this... "How does a specific platform of hardware go from smoking its competition, and leaving it in the dust; to not even being capable of starting the engine?"

Could it be that some Pirates of Silicon Valley don't play well with others?

In over twenty years I have used PCDos, DR.Dos, MSDos, OS2, Apple II, Mac, Windows 3, Windows 3.1, Wind95, Win98, WinNT, Win2000, Slackware Linux (the early days) Win XP, OpenSuSE Linux, Windows Vista and Ubuntu as well as dabbling with Uxix, and FreeBSD. With that said, MS only has one thing on their side...The US Government: always has and most likely always will. It is an inferior OS, but when you have the 8000 pound gorilla in your corner, who is going to stop you from doing what you please.

Ubuntu is so easy, everyone of my kids ages 6 - 20 recently got onto our home computer (after I blew away XP and replaced it with Ubuntu 10.04) and without missing a beat, familiarized themselves with the location of everything and took off.

My money is on Ubuntu.

Anonymous said...

easier-harder its theory... but 4 me facts are that i need 4 to make my job some special soft and drivers. They were written 4 windows and that is REAL limit.

Anonymous said...

Definitely... what a good joke! In a world without limits, who needs GAtes and Windows?